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Landax AS office is open on workable days from 8:30 to 16:00. You may also reach us by phone or you may also get in touch with Landax AS using any other communication means.

About Landax

 Landax AS company is dedicated to development and sale of software applicable in such areas as, inter alia, quality management, internal control, occupational safety and health, risk analysis, Management, Exploitation and Maintenance, food safety and certification. We deliver our products in close cooperation with the business environment.

We also provide advisory and coaching services in such fields as quality management, certification processes and internal control related procedures.

Our headquarters is based in Hamar and the remaining offices are located in Akershus, Vestfold and Stavanger. We have customers all over Norway.

Landax quality management system

Both authorities and customers are placing greater and greater demands on the certified quality management systems. Therefore, Landax drew adequate conclusions and developed a number of certification and internal control tools.

A great deal of our customers make use of Landax system as an auxiliary means to obtain ISO certificate. We offer a range of modules developed with an aim to meet the requirements of the latest ISO standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 22000.

Landax is a process-oriented tool characterized with high flexibility and suitability.

The structure and content are developed in compliance with each corporation’s needs and requests. Everything is registered in the network system. Any deviations and events may additionally be registered using e-mail, SMS, API solutions and Smartphone applications.

Landax system is up and running. We have implemented activities aiming at performance rationalization and improvement of functions of each module in our solutions. Whenever new needs emerge,  we respond with creation of new modules.


Telephone: 62 53 36 80
Questions about invoice: 920 23 616

Parkgata 16B, 2301 Hamar

Our coworkers

Landax can boast a team of motivated employees who prove a significant professional experience and a wide variety of skills.

  • Torleif Bratlie
  • Lydia Tombre Vedvik
  • Eirik Opstad
  • Anne Louise Samnøy
  • Alv Jørgen Bovolden
  • Helene Opstad
  • Hanna Elise S. Espeseth
  • Grace Dahl
  • Rakel Marques
  • Jan-Roger Husby
  • Adelheid Bratlie
  • Andrzej Polok
  • Marcin Cieślar
  • Jan Sverre Riksfjord
  • Jakub Polok
  • Michal Matlega
  • Bjørg Bratlie
  • Louise Gilbu
  • Pipeliner
  • Ditech AS
  • TrioVing
  • Polygon