Check lists are  a crucial element  of work connected with internal control and quality management.

Checklist module in Landax system allows you to collect data and register them. Checklists can be defined at your will and used among modules in the entire Landax system.

You can use checklists to evidence the carried out inspections, lists including tasks to be carried out, satisfaction survey or any other instances where it is beneficial to enter data in a structured way. Checklists can be filled in directly in network-based application and then printed out and filled in by hand.

Scope of application

Checklist module is used, among others, to document training courses of new employees. Newly employed person goes through employment procedure which consists of the training and instruction on occupational safety & health. Towards the end of this procedure an employee must fill in the checklist ticking the boxes corresponding to fulfilled requirements.

Checklists can also be assigned to particular types of deviations. For instance, in the event of environmental deviation, it is recommended to fill in the checklist including the full description of the event apart from filling out the form.

Checklists may also prove useful in equipment, competences, documents, sick leave modules, etc.

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