Competence module lets the user view competences available in the organization.

What human resources are available? Using competence module you can afford to have an insight into skills and competences available in the organization.

This module allows you to view skills or certificates held by employees. Here, you can include information on who holds the keys, certificates, access ID, diplomas, certificates of competency, etc.

Competences can be registered through competence module or in the register of employees. One competence can be registered as shared by a few persons.

Overview of competences provides you with information on licenses currently held by employees. You can also find there information on anticipated access to competences and demands.

History folder allows you to view the list of licenses extinct or no longer valid.

The consolidated image of competences can be viewed in a diagram format where types of competences are arranged along one axis and persons along the other.

Apart from employees’ competences, competences can be assigned to customers, suppliers and contact persons. Competences can be classified and linked with types. Registration of competences can be attributed to processes in the quality management system.

Examples of types of competences:

  • official education
  • training courses and complementary education
  • driving licence
  • certificate on accredited training completion
  • certificate on fully-documented training completion
  • keys and access ID
Eksempel på et kompetanseskjema

An example of a competences form

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