Compliance module is the tool designed to help organizations manage certification and quality management control.

Compliance module combines the following functions: certification tasks and internal control of the quality management system or enterprise operation. Compliance module contains a list of highlighted requirements with an option to evaluate to what extent the quality management meets the set standards.

Compliance of Landax system and ISO standard

This tool is ideal for maintaining records of compliance with ISO standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. All requirements of a given ISO standard are entered into the system and during the certification process adequate answers are provided for each reference point and reference can be made to documents in the quality management system.

Internal control regulations, act on protection and work environment conditions as well as other compliance laws

Compliance module can also be used to monitor and evidence compliance with central legislation such as the act on protection and work environment conditions. The foregoing also applies to such standards as Miljøfyrtårn certificate.

Status preview

On display screen you can see the complete preview of the degree of compliance of your quality management system with the standard requirements. It is possible to enter for each reference point value determining the degree of compliance of the quality management system with the standard and, additionally, provide reference option to documents and processes.


In Landax Compliance module it is easy to manage requirements that you intend to meet and certificates that you are planning to obtain. It is all integrated in the module which combines the function of certificates and requirements overview and requirements/questions matching each paragraph in the text.

Landax Compliance module enables entering the whole text of a standard and matching questions with each paragraph. These can be excerpts from acts of law (internal control regulations, Machine Directive, etc.) or quality management standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.)

Compliance module can be combined with our other modules within the quality management/internal control system.

Compliance module offers a variety of options with regard to document version control, filing and fulfilling of requirements.

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