Deviation module is an extensive and flexible solution for the purpose of registration and monitoring deviations and improvements.


Deviations module is a tool dedicated to management of streamlining activities within an organization. This module cane be used for quality management, OSH and internal control. Deviations and events can be registered directly in the module using SMS, APP or e-mail.

Register deviations taking into account segmentation into various types, categories and key areas. Registration form can be customized to suit various types of deviations.

Functions available in deviations module:

  • register of deviations: review list comprising all registered deviations, with filtering, grouping and statistics option.
  • finance: enter finance-related notes corresponding to deviations and get a picture of the volume of costs incurred by the company as a result of such deviations
  • annexes: attach documents, pictures or any other files corresponding to the deviation
  • check lists
  • tasks: use task module for streamlining activities
  • additional information: type of deviation, category, section, location, equipment, process and other information useful in deviation analysis
  • registration window customization

Options available in deviation registration

Every single thing that is worth registering in order to facilitate work can be registered in deviations module. System offers a multi-function solution with regard to registration and reporting.

Customization of registration window with focus on the type of entered deviation

Different types of deviations require different data, for instance occupational safety and health deviation should contain other information than, say, production-related deviation. This module gives an opportunity to design a window and customize it to different types of deviations.


You might need to classify deviations in terms of potential consequences. Deviations may bring various consequences for persons, external environment and finances. Under such circumstances it is advisable to use the chart of deviations. Such information may also be useful in the risk module.

Sequential departure

Sometimes it is necessary to register a new event as a consequence of deviation analysis. In deviations module it is possible, immediately after closure of one deviation, to start registration of a new deviation which has its starting point in the closed deviation.

Notify about deviations

Chart of deviations can be sent, at any time, in an e-mail message to the recipient for whom such information may be of value, regardless of the fact whether notification itself is sufficient or whether taking steps by such a person in connection with deviation is required.

Editing form for non-conformances (incidents)

Editing form for non-conformances (incidents)

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