Equipment and Facilities Management

Equipment module in Landax system guarantees control over documentation of equipment and FDV.


Equipment module is an extensive and flexible tool dedicated to machines, buildings, equipment and vehicles. This module covers the history of equipment, lease and maintenance planning.


Equipment module enables:

  • preview of equipment and its current location
  • sorting, grouping and filtering equipment in order to elaborate a proper report
  • designation of an employee responsible for equipment
  • review of warranty contracts and old machinery write-off contracts
  • correlating service agreements and reports with equipment
  • warehouse inventory inspection
  • lease registry
  • inserting appendices and other financial data regarding equipment
  • planned maintenance and technical overview monitoring
  • entering repeated tasks related to equipment

Equipment module is fully integrated with Landax system, for instance with deviations module, risk module and document repository.

Scope of application

Equipment module is dedicated to various objects which require control and management, e.g.:

  • vehicles
  • computer hardware
  • production facilities
  • buildings
  • ventilation systems
  • measurement and calibration devices

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