We have developed a system supporting product and process description, hazard analysis and risk assessment.

Holiday Appetizers.Many people must tackle various challenges in connection with implementation of HACCP as a preventive approach to food safety. We have developed a system supporting product and process description, hazard analysis and risk assessment.

Our solutions has been delivered in cooperation with leading Norwegian companies representing food industry. This solution is Landax system integrated module.
HACCP module is a flexible tool designed for big and smaller-size Norwegian companies from food industry.

HACCP module comprises the following functions:

  • register of products
  • register of basic assumptions
  • HACCP group overview
  • schemes
  • hazard analysis
  • risk assessment
  • report on critical control points

The above-mentioned solution can be combined with food safety and quality standard ISO 22001 and the compliance module. HACCP principles constitute the main part of ISO 22001.

HACCP teams

The first step towards implementation of HACCP principles is to establish HACCP group, also referred to as the safe food group. Such group should comprise numerous areas to facilitate identification of all hazards and possible critical control points. HACCP module is clear and straightforward – you can enter HACCP groups and manage them.

Production stages

HACCP module contains a strategic module where you can enter production stages in the production process. Here, you can describe each stage and determine the right order.

Each product or a group of products can be accompanied by a diagram showing how production stages are connected with each other. This allows to have an insight into production and help identify related hazards.

Hazard analysis

The central component of HACCP principles involves identification of hazards and determination of risks for dangerous products. This is all appropriately handled by HACCP module. Effective hazard analysis depends on control over and insight into basic assumptions which is fulfilled by a separate register of basic assumptions.

Each production stage involves certain hazards. These can include allergens, biological, physical or chemical hazards in the production process. All hazards can be assembled and presented in the risk diagram which demonstrates the risk level of the given product in a clear-cut way.

Hazards can also be assessed and determined as critical control points (CCP) or defined as subject to control through basic assumptions. The above-mentioned determination can be direct or with the use of commonly acknowledged decision tree.

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