Notice board

Notice board module has been designed for the purpose of internal communications within the organization.

businessman writing breaking news in the air

Notice board cane be used to inform about the latest issues related to quality management and internal control measures.

On the notice board short articles and notices should be placed, focusing on the most important aspects. Such articles may include images, links and attachments. Their content can have format as needed.

Internal communications is a vital element of internal control and the quality management system; this relation is strengthened by the notice board function. In articles it is possible to insert hyperlinks to documents in the library or to attach files such as images or documents.
Notice board can serve as a perfect gate to the entire system and is frequently used as a homepage or dashboard’s element in Landax system.

Examples of information placed on the notice board:

  • New projects
  • The top subject of the month
  • The best employee of the month
  • New customer contact
  • Changes to the quality management system
  • Internal reviews and processes
  • Information and hyperlinks to external websites, e.g. acts and regulations

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