Occupational safety & health

It is not possible to carry out the business activity without considering, to a greater or lesser extent, the OSH regulations and rules.


In order to ensure that all applicable OSH laws and regulations are complied with, all companies are required to implement and maintain the internal control system/OSH. Enterprises in Norway are obliged to implement systematic measures to enforce the foregoing provisions. Landax system offers a variety of modules and tools for OSH related work.

Landax system comprises a comprehensive deviations tool that enables to register adverse events and immediate precautions.

Landax system risk module allows to enter all risk factors that may affect health and environment. Risk module enhances elaboration of a systematic and organized method to record and process risk and vulnerability analyses as well as action plans.

Document library is a right place to keep workers’ manuals, appeals against acts of law and regulations, procedures and guidelines. Placed documents may have an edition control option and review dates. Documents can be printed together with a company’s logo and information vital for document management.

Furthermore, Landax system offers tools related to standby/alert condition, skills mapping and safety control. Choosing Landax as a basis for work in OSH area you get a flexible, internal control network system.

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