Quality management

An agreeable quality management system is essential to ensure the service performance at the highest possible level. You may use Landax system as a labour-saving, process control and document management device.

Drawing a diagramRegister of deviations and events

Undesired events may occur at any company. In Landax system you are provided with an opportunity to register every deviation and avoid them in the future. System is designed to aid in maintaining current affairs, prevention measures and financial consequences in order. It is also possible to assign or correlate documents, sentences, pictures and any other information with a particular deviation.

Handling of documents

Documents Module serves the purpose of management and filing of any written instruments, procedures, instructions, protocols and other documents. They are located in file mapping structure and then become accessible in other parts of the occupational safety & health system as well as quality management system.

Process mapping

The basic part of Landax system is the chart function which allows to create process documenting charts in the quality management system as well as provides a module designed to help to arrange documents with regard to graphics.


The crucial element of the quality management system is the management and control of processes existing in the organization. Process models are frequently outlined in a form of pictorial representation and saved in PowerPoint or Word format files. Our solution involves the creation of charts in the network tool that is platform independent. In Landax system it is easy to create correct charts. Since the aforementioned function is an integrated element of the system it is feasible to effectively update and send process maps.

Graphic system of documents

Landax provides an opportunity to create the structure of documents. You may choose to arrange your documents (actions, pictures, procedures, instructions, etc…) into sections and levels. It gives more increased number of options to search and associate documents than the traditional, hierarchic tree-structure comprising folders and subfolders.

Both charts and the graphic system of documents are contained in the same module. We believe that most users are capable of learning quickly how to operate the system. However, we are prepared to provide consultancy with regard to the above-described tool, upon request.

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