Enter protocols, inspection and review reports into the records module. It is a useful tool dedicated to planning, launching actions and monitoring.

After negotiations

The module functions based on audit (of a meeting, review) to which a number of information can be attached, such as a decision-maker, participants and a date. Settings of data may vary which implies that one setting is applicable to review and other to safety control.

Various tasks can be assigned to audit. Each task may comprise information such as deadline, date of completion, decision-maker, decision, attachment containing documents, etc. Each task can be sent separately in an e-mail.

The entire process of record creation can be copied and can serve as a basis for a new process, which is more effective since does not require interruption of action.

Task can be sent as a deviation. It is essential, especially in case of audit where reference points incompatible with requirements can be processed in the system of deviations.

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