Risk analysis

One of the best possible solutions to prevent deviations, accidents and adverse events is the precise risk analysis.

Performance of risk assessment as a means to detect potential risks in business activities is often required under the regulations and standards.  Enterprises in Norway are obliged to implement systematic measures to enforce the foregoing provisions.


Risk assessment using risk module in Landax system

It is a network solution capable of satisfying the majority  of requirements and needs connected risk assessment tools in occupational safety & health and internal control.  Using  the risk module it is possible to perform detailed analyses according to the following model: risk = probability x consequences. It would also be  recommended to perform risk assessment paying special attention to individual persons, external environment, finances, etc. Moreover, risk module allows for registration of risks, risk areas, causes and remedies as well as their correlation in the risk description. Risk may be presented as a diagram indicating where the degree of risk is the highest. It is a reliable foundation for elaboration of action plan comprising prearranged streamlining activities and risk reduction measures. Each remedy is described in the action plan as a task  with a responsible person assigned, including due dates and any other necessary data.

The above module is flexible and can be customized to suit your needs.

Read more about risk module in Landax system here.


Risk analysis in fooHoliday Appetizers.d production, HACCP

In addition, we have developed a risk analysis network system for the purpose of food safety, HACCP. This module is based on HACCP assumptions and serves as a tool for identification of risks in production, defining basic assumptions and crisis points in management.

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