Risk analysis is the fundamental component of works connected with internal control and occupational safety & health. Try risk module in Landax system.


While assessing risk precautions may be taken preventing any adverse events and accidents. Good quality risk analysis system.

Risk module Landax is extremely practical and user friendly solution aiding in risk analysis, risk assessment and streamlining.

This module is, to a great degree, adjustable due to a number of configuration options available. Configuration can be correlated with types of forms. Different types of forms can have different settings, command-line interface, scale of values and follow-up. Risk module is based on the following model: probability x consequences = risk.
This implies you can visualize risk as a two-dimensional risk diagram which is divided into green, yellow and red area.

Scope of application

Risk module defines the risk of potential consequences.
The most frequently used categories include:

  • body injuries
  • environment
  • finances/financial matters
  • supply potential
  • good name

Risk module can be configured to embrace analysis of environment-related consequences combined with the following consequences:

  • wastes
  • sound level
  • air pollution emission
  • soil contamination emission
  • water contamination emission

Risk module is fully integrated with Landax system; risk assessment can be correlated for instance with tasks, equipment and deviations.

Action plan

To minimize risk prepare action plan. It pinpoints tasks describing what needs to be done and who is responsible for implementation of appropriate countermeasures. Once measures are implemented, a new evaluation of event can be elaborated and the previous version transferred to the history folder. You can observe the progress of the risk for the given event.

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